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About Us

About Us



A new beginning…


The East Morris Karate Academy is a traditional karate dojo established in 1981 during the infancy of the martial arts industry. Like most commercial schools back then, for lack of any more suitable business model to follow, we began as a small business.


And that came with a problem: Contradictions.


Today, many martial arts schools are now evolved into little more than retail operations; run by those who are more shopkeeper than teacher. What's worse is that the public is widely beginning to accept that as normal. In a way it is. After all, the underlying mission of any business, by definition, is making profit.


For us, however, the word dojo stands for a view of martial arts training that never did sit very well with words like profit. The head of a dojo is someone often called a sensei - a term that definitely does not conjure images of entrepreneur.


There's nothing wrong with making a good living teaching karate. In fact, we promote the idea of teaching as a profession. Yet, that doesn't mean letting the tail wag the dog. Money should never be the main point of any profession.


So how do you go about properly translating a several hundred year old Asian tradition into a dynamic 21st century American business? Our head instructor, Sal Musco, wrestled with this problem for nearly 30 years until he found/realized/accepted the answer: You don’t.


That’s why East Morris Karate Academy converted itself from a business, and became the student training program of...



Martial Promise, a nonprofit corporation created to free us from the commercial mission in order to focus on our intended one: The preservation and promotion of the traditional budo purpose - preparing practitioners to defend and excel. Martial Promise's objective is to educate consumers, colleagues and the public about the tremendous potential of proper matial arts training. (This website is one effort toward that end.)


Mr. Musco, as EMKA Head Instructor, is still a career professional, but, as he says, "My business is karate; karate isn't my business."  He also conducts our other related, but pioneer program called the...



Martial Solutions Project that offers businesses and others martial arts wisdom for non-martial issues. Seminars, workshops and consultations are just a few of the ways in which MSP addresses just about any topic. The offerings aren't just superficial recitals of oriental sayings, but lessons presented with the same teaching focus to audiences as to our dojo students.



While the conversion is transparent to our students' training experience, it has settled many issues and removed many roadblocks to the success of our dojo mission. Including this one: The dojo will live on for as long as its members want this amazing sanctuary we call home.


To our knowledge (based on internet research), Martial Promise, Inc is also a first of its kind - a federally recognized martial arts school.