How should I act in class?


All proper dojo have a list of rules (kun) meant to keep order, ensure safety and promote correct attitude. Each varies from one dojo to another. Ours was developed by Mr. Musco's sensei, Mr. D. Jenkins. Learn it well.



Dojo Kun
  1. Gi must be clean.
  2. No shoes or jewelry worn while in workout area.
  3. No candy or gum while working out.
  4. Gi must be worn only in the dojo except for valid reasons.senior_line
  5. Never show anyone what you’ve learned in the dojo.
  6. Never attempt to teach anyone unless told to do so by your instructor.
  7. Always be respectful in and outside the dojo.
  8. Don’t brag that you’re studying karate. (Don’t keep it a deep dark secret, but if people find out on their own, they’ll respect you more.)
  9. Respect another person’s rank especially if higher than yours.
  10. Always bow when entering or leaving the workout area.
  11. Fingernails and toenails must be kept short.
  12. Pay strict attention to what you’re being taught.
  13. Be humble and courteous, but confident.
  14. In kumite, fight mannerly, but hard.
  15. Never ask a higher rank to do kumite. (If he or she wants, they’ll ask you.)
  16. No conversation is allowed in the workout area especially during class.
  17. Act properly, at all times, in and around the dojo.
  18. Always keep busy practicing while in the workout area unless instructed otherwise.
  19. During a formal class, get permission of the person conducting the class, or the highest rank, before leaving the floor.
  20. Never take advantage of a lower rank.
  21. *If any individual has any problem, regarding their martial arts training, they must speak to an instructor.

*Of all the rules, violating the last one has proven the most common - and the most foolish.