Child Abduction - A Pound of Sensible Prevention


People generally don't turn to martial arts for the answer. They think the notion that a child might physically overcome an adult is, well, dumb. They're right (with one, maybe two exceptions.)

On the other hand, real martial arts training goes way beyond the commercial hype. It teaches us to use our heads before our fists. Here's an example of martial arts in action for parents.


Parents can:
  • Know where your children are at all times — especially when you think you know.
  • Do not ignore the potential for danger posed by troubled family situations.
  • Exhaustively check references of all potential babysitters or childcare workers, and service providers (coaches, teachers, etc..). Never assume!
  • Listen carefully when your children discuss anyone they’ve encountered in your absence.
  • When in public places, designate a ‘rally point’ in case children get separated from you, BUT…
  • … NEVER leave children alone in a car or public place. (Yes, parents often do this.  “...but it was just for a minute, officer.”)
  • Make sure your children know their full name, your full name, telephone number, and address.
  • Avoid clothing or toys with the child’s name on it.
  • Include a portrait shot of your children when taking pictures at all holidays, parties and family outings.
  • Have fingerprints taken of your children.
  • Take an annual dental impression using Styrofoam plate. Make note of birthmarks or other unique features.
  • Establish a simple family security code word. Use it daily (ex. work it into your family greeting). Change it regularly (ex. every Monday morning). Tell no one else.
Teach your children:
  • Not to give out information over the telephone — especially if it seems trivial to them.
  • How to contact you or a designated adult; to call 911 or 0; and to make long distance phone calls on a pay phone.
  • That adults never need help from children. (Kids can usually out run an adult, but rarely out smart or out talk one.)
  • To make a habit of staying on the ‘family radar’ at all times and never change plans without permission.
  • That it is okay to say “NO” to an adult if things seem uncomfortable or strange to them.
  • REASONABLE techniques about attracting attention, self-defense, and escape tactics.
  • The importance of avoiding secluded places… or BEING TAKEN TO ONE - AT ALL COSTS !                

(Harsh advice for little children; one that perhaps offers little hope. But please remember: Violence requires privacy — that's where hope requires a miracle. Harsh advice for a harsh truth.)

  • If overpowered, never stop fighting back, seeking escape, and leaving a trail. Make a game of training for it! Practice your family's version of the military's SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) training.
Take action:
  • Train yourself to notice of license plates.
  • Call 911 immediately to report sightings of a child, adult, or vehicle. Include the exact time, place and any detailed observations.




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