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Child Students

'Pure People'

That's what Mr. Musco's teacher, Sensei Jenkins, called them. Children can be amazing and surprising - if given the chance.

So, the question is, can you teach actual karate to a 5 year old? Let's just say not many actually try it.

We do. And, in truth, it isn't easy. But, it turns out that Sensei Jenkins was right about them more often than not.

It also turns out that kids have to be resilient to be amazing, and our instructors are accomplished at being insistent. After a while, our kids expect and look forward to it.

Do they get distracted? All the time! But when they wake up, they're - amazing.

True story:
Woman:       And what do you do for a living?
Mr. Musco:   I teach karate.
Woman:       Aren't the kids so CUTE!
Mr. Musco:   Not that kind of karate.
Young karate students kicking

Planting Seeds

Mothers used to say, "You can't put an old head on young shoulders." But when we didn't always listen to her, she'd write it off as "planting seeds."

Everyone wants to talk to your kid, just like 'they' once talked to us. Here's two examples of what we learned from them:

Remember the Law of the Jungle? Darwin was misquoted. His theory was based on "survival of the adaptable", not the fittest. A small, but popular, misdirection that makes a big difference in how many people approach life.

How about Kill or be Killed? Seemingly, only historians and sociologists are aware that human civilization is build upon cooperation, not competition. Many people, we all deal with every day, are surprised to hear that.

Here are a few principles that our students learn in our classes and events:
Attention to detail, perserverance, delayed satisfaction, self-control, courage, loyalty, respect, accountability, empathy, compassion, acceptance of others, generosity, imagination...

In today's world, some might call even attending such a class an act of rebellion. We call it self-defense.

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