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'The Way' for Children

Philosophy is a pretty heavy subject to lay off on kids. So we don't.
But the dojo is a world of its own, and kids are amazing at adapting to it.
In this way, they learn many life lessons that are part of our training environment.


Karate is for self defense. Period. That's the first, hard rule.

No one gets left behind. We expect that all start from the bottom and allow for it.

There are no favorites here. No matter how talented or advanced, everyone works.

Students can take pride in rewards they know they've earned. Here nothing comes for free.

Karate students playing marbles at dojo event


We encourage even the youngest students to aspire to good martial character.

This includes virtues like kindness, honesty, courage, fairness, respect, honor, and sense of responsibility.

These are also known as the seven samurai virtues.


The dojo is a world of its own. As such, our values can be surprising.

While all these traits are desirable, we stress...

Practice over accomplishment.
Effort over talent.
Courtesy over assertiveness.
Courage over confidence.
Persistence over agility.
Cooperation over competitiveness.
Instructor testing young karate student

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