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Martial Promise Inc

Martial Promise Inc



The name Martial Promise was born out of memories of my teacher, Mr. D. Jenkins, my continuing studies as a student , my life as a martial arts practitioner, my experiences as a teacher, and, yes, as that of a businessman.



It's about promises made and promises kept: The sacrifice and dedication of teachers for their students. The perseverance of students in their training, and their at times heroic determination to grow beyond weakness, achieve beyond hope. The commitment of Black Belts to live the ideal 'every day, in every way', thus becoming an example to those around them. But ultimately, it's about the promise that martial arts study offers in return - a life that's successful by the worthiest of definitions.


Yet, there are challenges that must be overcome if practitioners are to uphold our promise to the art itself. The martial arts, the martial way, and the study of both, have been re-defined nearly out of existence by those with other agendas. Ego and profit. To better understand this situation, we need to make some clear distinctions that I believe are long overdue.

To begin, Martial Art is not:

  • A sport
  • A weight loss program
  • A children's game (Fun, yes; a game, no.)

Can it be used in these ways? Of course, but you can also use a violin for a doorstop.


The Martial Way is not:

  • A celebration of violence and aggression
  • A New Age philosophy
  • A collection of motivational slogans


 A lot of money is made by confusing people over these notions. None of it by legitimate martial artists. Once past the marketing spin, the path becomes clearer toward understanding what these terms really are – and in turn, what they promise.


Martial Art teaches us how to defend our life. Time and again I've been told or read that, “Karate is for self defense only.”Ok, but define self defense? In my experience, it pays to think outside the box. If you treat your body like a fine weapon, will you not at the same time defend your health from abuse? If your combat mind is clear and focused, can you not also overcome daily deception or delusion? If your fighting spirit is forged iron strong, can you not also survive the great tragedies each life experiences? That, I say, is martial promise.


Martial Way teaches us how to live that life wisely and well. Like it or not, life is a battle none of us will survive. But, for the true warrior, victory or defeat are both of little consequence. It’s the battle itself that alone matters. He or she takes to the field like a force of nature; living from moment to moment with only one goal in mind – excellence from moment to moment. A person tackling life that way leaves the world, each day, better than they found it. And, that, is martial promise.


But it's not just the What, but the How of this training that's offers something wonderful. Neither Student nor Teacher can exist without the other. (No matter how well intentioned if only one of them may be.) Ideally, they enter into an unspoken pact; one to transmit not just knowledge, but understanding; the other to take up not just the challenge, but the responsibility of living its achievement. What if that dynamic is spread to relationships throughout our society?



… promises made; promises kept.


Martial Promise, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the traditional approach to martial arts training and its personal perfection mission. We support such ideals as:

  • Legitimacy in self-defense training
  • Perfection of student character
  • Teaching as a profession


Our current program activities include:

  • Martial Promise seminars, writings and consultations, seek to accomplish its mission with both martial arts industry and non-martial arts audiences. (It is not a martial arts association.)
  • East Morris Karate Academy teaches individual students with budo emphasis.
  • Martial Solutions Project expands awareness of potential martial art benefits for non-martial audiences.