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Martial Solutions Project

Martial Solutions Project

What can Martial Solutions Project do for me?


Some people are just lucky I guess. If my karate teacher was the most truly amazing person I ever met, Alan Weiss is certainly a contender for close second. Although he wouldn’t remember me, I’ll surely never forget meeting him. You shouldn’t either, and here’s why.


Mr. Weiss is a business consultant, who among his other formidable attributes, is known for two unique accomplishments. He single-handedly once earned a million dollars in one year, and he has a truly unique approach to serving a client. The first is an indication of how well the second must work, and the second leads to a really interesting explanation.


So, what game are you in?


Ask someone what they do and they’ll tell you. And, should they suspect you of being a sales prospect, quite often, ad nauseam. Ask Alan and he won’t say. Period. He’ll instead insist on asking what you do; what you want; and what’s the hitch in your get-a-long. Only then does he describe himself - in terms of how he might advantage your situation.


Obvious, right? Well, apparently not. It seems there’s an entire industry of professional speakers, trainers, writers, consultants, etc. who go nuts trying to surgically define themselves (in 25 words or less, please) on the off chance they meet a prospect in an elevator. For the longest time, I wanted to do that too, but couldn’t quite put my finger on how to most effectively explain my Martial Solutions Project. And then, as they say, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”


It’s a Zen thing

Alan Weiss appeared before the New York Tri-state Speakers Association and his take on the subject reminded me of something I already knew so well as a martial artist: When someone asks, “What would you do if you were attacked”, the only truly right answer is, “I don’t know.”


That’s what martial arts training is all about — not mastering a set of static responses, but becoming "response able" to fluid situations. And that’s what MSP is as well. It’s a Zen thing: MSP doesn’t come into being until you ask it to do something. And, for over 30 years, my students have asked me about almost everything you could imagine.


Italian artist for hire: Portraits, murals, sculptures. Chapel ceilings a specialty.

So this section really is all about you. Later, I’ll list some things I’ve done for others, but only by way of example. However, the things I do are only colors in my palette; my area of expertise, only the style I follow. What picture I paint depends on what wall you want to hang it on.


I speak, write, and teach. I’ve worked with business people, executives, educators, high school students, college students, women’s clubs, profession associations and, yes, even a karate school or two. I make people laugh, cry, think, get angry, and get moving. (At times. even on purpose.) I change lives, perspectives, and motivations. I arm leaders with strategies and tactics, and followers with a sense of unity, pride, and mission.


Question is, what do you do?



Here are some example presentations as promised:


Professionalism: Turning Concept Into Winning Strategy  

Every business should be business-like; only some should be “professional”! Learn the nature of yours and how to use professionalism as a powerful tool; not just a catch phrase.

· The three basic ways organizations operate that few consider well enough.

· Creating organizational harmony — and competitive havoc.


The Art of War for Workday Warriors: Secrets of Waging Success

Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, became a legend for writing this book. Learn how others become legendary using it. We begin with ten secrets from Chapter 1.

· How to assess future success

· Leadership in a nutshell


Martial Culture Series

The martial arts field owes much to not only the great classical Asian works and traditions, but also to great Western leaders and thinkers. These are my most recent overview presentations:

· The Art of War

· Tao Teh Ching


Road Warriors Guide to Hotel and Travel Safety

Ever left an airport at midnight wishing you’d brought a bodyguard? You did.

· Planning and executing secure travel and lodging

· Techniques for becoming a more ‘hardened’ target


Outstanding Street Smarts for Incoming Freshman

On their own for the first time, students need more than safety tips. They need attitude, perspective and a bit of ‘cold reality’ us old-timers often learned the hard way.

· How to assess the situation.

· Great tips to get you started and how to create your own.


Self-Defense That Isn’t Dumb

(Workshop — Non-embarrassing participation; business attire is acceptable!)   For those who either missed the street smarts seminars or get really unlucky in their travel assignments. Usually, such courses are as useful as an unloaded gun. This one won’t insult your intelligence — or get you killed.

· How to always be stronger than your assailant.

· Blocks, escapes and counterstrikes anyone can do… effectively… without training.


A few clients...

College of Saint Elizabeth

Morris County Chamber of Commerce

New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners

New Jersey Education Association

New Paltz Karate Academy

New York Tri-State Speakers Association



What they say…

“… you interacted on a supreme level… You are passionate about your message and it comes through loud and clear.”

Maria Aprile, CPA,CFE

NJ Assoc. of Women Business Owners